Once again in 2020, the Club will be running 6 showing shows.

The “Winter” shows are hosted at Grangewood Farm Livery, and are to be held on April 26th, May 17th, and December 13th – The Christmas Fun Show. The April and May events are combined with dressage events, so come along and stay all day – showing in the morning, followed immediately by dressage.

The “Summer” shows are to be held on July 26th, August 23rd – The Charity Show and September 20th. These are also held at Grangewood Farm Livery, and are a combination of showing and show jumping events for all competitors, from 1’6″ lead rein to more challenging 100cms classes.

Summer Show Schedule 2020 – July 26th, August 23rd, September 20th

Ring 1: Showing Classes …

Class No:ClassClassification
1Young StockHorses and Ponies 4 years and under
2In Hand Native BreedsSmall Breed
3In Hand Native BreedsLarge Breed
4Open In-HandOpen
5In Hand Cob TypeOpen
6In Hand Best ConditionOpen
7In Hand VeteranHorses and ponies over 15 years 
8In Hand Junior HandlerHandler 16 years and under
9Tack and TurnoutOpen
10Best RiderRider 8 years and under
11Riding Club Pony – Lead ReinOpen
12Best RiderOpen
13Ridden Native BreedsOpen
14Riding Club Horse/PonyOpen
15Ridden CobOpen
16Ridden ColouredOpen

Ring 2: Show Jumping – 10.00am start

Class No:HeightClassification
17Approx 1’6″ Open
18Approx 2’0″Open
19Approx 2’3″Open
20Approx 2’6″Open – Sealwood Novice
21Approx 2’9″Open
22Approx 3’0″Open

PLEASE NOTE: If sufficient demand, there will be 2′ 0″ and 2′ 6″ Clear Round sessions before the competitive events commence; ie, before class 18 and before class 20.

Ring 3: Gymkhana – NOT BEFORE 12.00AM

Class No:ClassClassification
23Lead ReinRider 9 years and under
24Group ARider 11 years and under
25Group BRider 12 years and under

Winter Shows 2020 – April 26th, May 17th, December 13th (Christmas Fun Show) …

Please Note: There will be no show jumping at these events.

Class No:ClassClassification
1Young StockHorses and ponies 4 years and under
2In-hand Native BreedsSmall Breeds
3In-Hand Native BreedsLarge Breeds
4Open In-handOpen
5In Hand Cob TypeOpen
6In Hand VeteranHorses/Ponies over 15 years
7In Hand Best ConditionOpen
8Junior Young Handler – In HandHandler 16 years and under
9Most Appealing Pony – In HandOpen
9AFancy DressRidden or in hand (Christmas Show only)
10Ridden Tack and TurnoutOpen
11Riding Club PonyLead Rein – 8 years and under
12Best RiderLead Rein – 8 years and under
13Best RiderOpen
14Ridden CobOpen
15Ridden CoulouredOpen
16Ridden Native BreedsOpen
17Riding Club Horse/PonyOpen